Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Terra Soul Accolades

A few months ago, my friend Tammie suggested I submit Terra Soul for the Realm Makers' Debut Novel of the Year contest. I submitted without much thought of winning and promptly forgot all about it. So it was something of a surprise when I received the following email Sunday afternoon:

You are one of the Debut category finalists in the Realm Awards.
CONGRATULATIONS! Our judges think you're remarkable!

I'm letting you know ahead of time (because I wanted to be the one to tell you!), but PLEASE don't announce this to anyone just yet. I've written the blogpost and am sending it out right now. As soon as it's live, you can spread the news.

Again, congratulations. I'm celebrating with you. It was SO much fun to watch the results roll in.

You did well. Be proud.

Bethany Kaczmarek
Realm Makers Awards Director
Writer. Editor. Sojourner.
ACFW Editor of the Year finalist 2015
Gold member of the Christian Editor Connection
Author, Strains of Silence, Harbourlight 2017

Needless to say, I sat flummoxed in my daughters' room where we'd been playing. Then came the realization that industry professionals had read my novel, and not only liked it, but deemed it worthy of being one of three finalists. I am deeply humbled and wildly excited at the prospect of winning novel of the year. I may have to forgo my usual Pikes Peak Writer's con this year in order to attend the Realm Maker's conference, just in case.

Please, check out Bethany's blog post, when you get a chance, and wish me luck!



  1. It's got my vote! (Not that I'm one of the judges. I nominated it for the Alliance Award, too, but sadly it didn't make it.) I recently read Terra Soul and was blown away. In fact, I found this blog while googling to see if there are plans for a sequel. (I hope, I hope! lol) Anyway, you might want to consider adding this blog to your author profile on Amazon and Goodreads so other readers can find you easier. :)

    And I hope you win!

    1. Thanks, so much for reading Terra Soul and nominating it for the Alliance Award. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. There are plans for a sequel bubbling away in my head right now but it's a ways out at this point.

      Thanks too for pointing out that my profiles aren't linked to my blog here. I will add it as soon as I figure out how. :)

    2. Yay! I'll cling to that hope. I've been reading through your blog (probably spamming you) but I really enjoy your writing. I'll be reviewing Terra Soul on Goodreads and Amazon tomorrow but I already convinced my sister she needs to read it.

    3. I did get my Amazon and GoodReads profile updated so now they all have links to my videos and blog. Thanks for the heads up.